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“Courage,” the disciples say, “He is calling you!”  This joyous message first given to the blind Batimaeus greatly encourages us friars, who ourselves have heard it as we now preach to others.  The Lord’s voice is clear and resounds in every human person; he cannot be ignored!

We friars pray your time is well spent reading over what we show you here. May it lead you to consider speaking with one of us soon about your future, on which God’s will has already been stamped.  Choose freely what God has chosen for you!

The great courage to be shown as you discern your vocation will be called on every day, but it will be your highest honour and most abundant joy, and so, your salvation for the eternal life.

Fr Paul Rowse, OP

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  • 'Come and See' Days

    'Come and See' Days are a great opportunity to get a feel for what the Dominicans are about, how we live our lives, how we pray, and why each of us joined the Order of Preachers. It is a great opportunity to get a deeper understanding of religious life in general and in particular our way of living it through the charism of our founder, St Dominic. Our next 'Come and See' Day is in Sydney, NSW: 

    In this Year of Consecrated Life, the Dominican Friars in Sydney will team up with the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia for a Dominican Sydney Day on August 1st at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney. The theme of the day is 'Dominican Saints and Sinner' looking at the great figures which have shaped Dominican life over the last 800 years. For more information or to register, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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    Fr. Thomas Azzi is a priest of the Dominican Order. A graduate of the University of Sydney having studied commerce and law, Fr. Thomas joined the Dominican Order in 2007. His formation has seen him assigned to Brisbane, Hong Kong, Adelaide, Melbourne and now Sydney where he was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Anthony Fisher in June, 2014. Fr. Thomas is chaplain to the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) as well as Sancta Sophia College, a residential College of the University of Sydney. He is also the Provincial Promoter of Vocations for the Dominicans.

     email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • July 28-August 11: Visitation to Mexico 12-13: Meeting at Avila, Spain 15-29: Summer Break Language English Order of preachers newsletter ENNewsletter identifier: IDI – n. 541Newsletter date: August 2015Link Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ordopraedicatorumLink twitter: https://twitter.com/Dominican_OrderBanner: Sounds in the Silence at Museo San Marco, FlorenceArticles: From the Culture of Dependency to the Culture of Common BelongingLetter from the Dominican Sisters in IraqElective Chapter of the Vice-Province of St. Augustine in West Africa OP MOLO @ 90 (1925 – 2015) Meeting of the International Commission of Dominican Lay FraternitiesRecession and Vocations?Ordination in the Province of Nigeria Dominican from Pakistan discusses interfaith relationsA Conference on The Influences of the Dominican Order in the Middle AgesImportant Conference on the Influences of the Dominicans in the Middle AgesFr Jame Channan, OP receives the "Global Ambassador of Peace Award"The calendar of the Pilgrim RosaryThe Continuous fight for Human Rights all over the world Laudato Si’: An Encyclical of Re-Membering"The big challenge of our time is to recover hope", Timothy Radcliffe OPDate calendar: August

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  • St. Peter Julian Eymard, whose feast the Church celebrates on August 2, helped many Catholics - both clergy and laypeople - to rediscover the importance of the Eucharist. He is also considered a pioneer in involving laypeople more actively in the life of the Church.Peter Julian Eymard was born near Grenoble, France, in 1811. He had wanted to enter the priesthood as a youth, but his father forbade him because he wanted Peter Julian to take over the family business.Finally, at the age of 18, he was permitted to join the Oblate novitiate. However, he became very ill, so ill that he was sent back home to die. However, Peter Julian made a remarkable recovery and entered the seminary once again after his father passed away. He was ordained to the diocesan priesthood in 1834, but later joined the Marists. In 1851, he answered a call to establish a community of men dedicated to Eucharistic Adoration, called the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. Its mission was to promote the importance and significance of the Eucharist. The congregation also worked with the poor and helped them to prepare for first Communion. The founder died in 1868 and was canonized in 1962.