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Preaching the Blessed Light


“Courage,” the disciples say, “He is calling you!”  This joyous message first given to the blind Batimaeus greatly encourages us friars, who ourselves have heard it as we now preach to others.  The Lord’s voice is clear and resounds in every human person; he cannot be ignored!

We friars pray your time is well spent reading over what we show you here. May it lead you to consider speaking with one of us soon about your future, on which God’s will has already been stamped.  Choose freely what God has chosen for you!

The great courage to be shown as you discern your vocation will be called on every day, but it will be your highest honour and most abundant joy, and so, your salvation for the eternal life.

Fr Paul Rowse, OP

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Latest News

Men's Discernment Day (Sydney)
Saturday July 19, 2014

Our Sydney friars are offering a Discernment Day for young men (18-35yo).  It's an opportunity to spend a day on the question of coming to a free decision which accords with God's will, and what that decision means for personal fulfilment and the Christian life.  There is no charge, and a ligh

Solemn Professions 2014
Sunday May 11, 2014

Our Province will soon rejoice in the profession of solemn vows of two young friars, Brothers Mat

Ordinations 2014
Sunday May 11, 2014

The Province of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Australia and New Zealand warmly i